Thursday, January 22, 2015

Glittering City Lights, and All the Life Below

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First off, yes, I know it's a crummy photo.  It's the best I could get out of an airplane window, with the weird glare and all.  But the point of this edition of my random ramblings isn't about the photo.  That's just an introduction.  Bear with me.

I love flying at night, or just flying in general.  I haven't been on a plane for a while, but this last weekend, on the way to California (an experience that I hope to soon write about), I got plenty of time on a plane.  Including one flight from Atlanta to Charlotte, just about forty minutes in length, meaning that it didn't fly too high in the clouds, and I could see all the beautiful lights beneath us.

And, of course, being me, I had some deep profound thought while flying above the city.  That, or I was just really bored and wanted something to keep my mind busy.  Probably the second.

Anyway.  The thing that caught my attention was looking down at the highways, and all seeing all of the cars driving around.  I know this may sound lame, but I got all caught up in following those little dots on the ground around, seeing where they were going, and how small they seemed to me.  There were millions of lives beneath me, all moving in harmony (to some extent, of course.)

It made me stop to think about how complex our world really is.  Not only are there several billion completely different lives all going on at exactly the same time, but we have all these different systems and places for everyone.  There are lawyers and doctors and businessmen and waiters and clerks and managers and performers and teachers and cab drivers and literally everything you could imagine.  Right beneath me.  And they all exist together, working together to fill all the roles in a system.

For some reason, that blew my mind.  Not that humans could work together towards a purpose (although that is surprising at times), but just how vast and harmonious our world is.  All those little glittering dots on the ground have a purpose.  God designed each person to have a purpose.  And it's amazing when you can look down from the sky and see everyone coexist together.

Our world isn't perfect, but it's pretty freaking cool.

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